It's All in Your Head: Why Heads of School are Critical to Marketing Success

Head of School in Marketing

More than ever before, head-of-school leadership is critical to marketing success. School marketing has changed dramatically in the past decade, creating new realities that only heads of schools have the credibility and authority to successfully address. In addition, the traditional view of school marketing that limits its impact to recruitment and fundraising results, is being replaced by one that recognizes the holistic implications of marketing initiatives. As a result, the head’s unique ability to ensure the success of marketing efforts is, in fact, driving overall school success.

In this publication, we will look at the specific factors that are changing the face of school marketing and the unique imperatives that are being created for heads of schools. To add practicality and relevance, we will offer perspectives from the field based on the experiences and insight of numerous current heads who were interviewed specifically for this project.

Please download the eBook above. For more discussion on the topic of heads of schools in marketing, listen to Chuck English interview Brad Weaver, head of school, Sonoma Country Day School, and Dave Skeen, head of school, Harding Academy, in the Blackbaud K-12 Get Connected podcast episode Why are Heads of Schools Critical to Marketing Success?

About the Author

Chuck English

Chuck English helps independent schools improve enrollment results by providing strategic branding, marketing, communications, and creative services. He has worked with many schools in the United States and Canada and has presented his ideas at numerous conferences, workshops, and webinars as well as in white papers and his blog. Chuck is the driving force behind English Marketing Works, a firm that has helped schools, businesses, and fundraising organizations achieve strategic goals through outstanding marketing and creative initiatives. He is also the co-author of The Philanthropic Mind, a book based on comprehensive interviews with Canada’s top philanthropists. Chuck’s business experience is complemented by a strong record of community involvement having served in leadership positions and on the boards of many organizations. He can be contacted at

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