Tailoring the Parent Experience: A Journey to Enrollment Success

Learn how to rethink marketing to parents by putting more focus on the overall parent experience to grow recruitment and retention rates by:

  •  Defining the parent experience at your school
  •  Developing a positive experience
  •  Outlining the parent lifecycle map from recruitment to retention.

Worksheet included! 

Use it to brainstorm how the parent experience might be reflected at various points along your school’s parent experience journey.

"The approach outlined by Chuck in this book is critical for all of us who work in schools to embrace. Families are customers. Period. If we think of them any other way, we are doing ourselves, and our families, a disservice. We must understand and anticipate each family's expectations as they move through the engagement cycle with our school. This book helps us better understand the steps we can take to better serve our families throughout their life cycle with us, and ultimately, it will help us become better educators as we come to fully understand why we do what we do."

— Scott Allenby, Director of Communications and Marketing at Proctor Academy

"This is the eBook that the independent school enrollment community has been waiting for but didn't know they needed! Chuck does a masterful job of defining such an important shift in school marketing - the shift from focusing on one's school to focusing on your customers. I'm also really excited that he shares a framework through a school can think about this work. I think this should be required reading for anyone responsible for marketing at an independent school." 

Brendan Schneider, Director of Advancement, Sewickley Academy

"Chuck English reminds us of the importance of actively managing all the relationships that lie at the core of healthy schools.  Here he reinforces the value of the parent-school relationship, and, in addition to breaking down its long-term value for schools,  provides practical takeaways that all schools can build into their program.  A common sense approach to thinking about and improving upon a critical relationship within your school." 

—  Steve Bristol, Director of Admission & Financial Aid, The Hun School

"It’s refreshing to read Chuck’s approach that takes us beyond traditional and often dated approaches to the parent experience and into the realm of what needs to be done to properly support today’s customer, the parent. This book outlines the importance of a school-wide approach to implement and support a strategic and consistent experience. A must-read for everyone who connects with parents at your school." 

—  Stacy Jagodowski, Director of Strategic Marketing & Communications, Cheshire Academy

"Tailoring the Parent Experience is an excellent guide to understanding, developing and implementing one of the most important aspects of any school’s marketing and branding efforts—the customer service experience. I know schools don’t like to call them customers or use common business language such as sales and customer service, but in dealing with these subjects, Chuck English does a great job of walking the reader through this critical facet of the school-parent relationship, and you never feel like you’re reading a “business” book. I especially like the Best Practice Spotlights where Chuck gives you real-life examples of some of the excellent work that schools have done in this area. In Tailoring Chuck simply gives you an actionable plan for improving every family’s experience at your school." 

—​ Robert A. Norman, InspirED

"Chuck English provides school administrators with practical suggestions for enhancing the parent experience in our schools. The steps outlined in this book are particularly helpful in light of the fact that our parent generation is transitioning from the Baby Boomers to Generation X, creating a whole new series of expectations from within our parent group. English clearly explains the unique position of the boarding school parent and how our institutions can harness the limitless power of an engaged constituency." 

—​ Bradford D. Bates, Head of School, Dublin School

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