Website Content Workbook: Improving the Six Most Important Pages of Your School’s Website

You want your website content to tell a stronger school story, but you don’t have the resources to hire a copywriter or the time to rework your entire site.
Fear not! In this Website Content Workbook for K–12 schools, you will learn how to improve the most important pages of your school’s website without having to start your story from scratch.
Homepage. About. Admissions. Academics. Tuition. Contact. Together, these critical pages are the ones that represent your school’s brand online. They need to be accurate, understandable, engaging, and memorable in order to connect with your audience in a sea of sameness.
This workbook is designed to help you:
  • Define the main goal of each critical website page
  • Understand the best way to communicate your message on each topic
  • Work through the editing process with prompts and examples as your guides
You can complete this entire workbook at once or use it to edit your website page by page. Either way, you will be strengthening your existing website, so when you are ready to revamp all of your website content, you will already be ahead of the game.
The best part? Many of the tips and best practices included in this workbook are applicable to all pages of your website, so when you’ve mastered your main pages, you can use your new copywriting skills to strengthen the rest of your site as well. Ready to spark some website
content magic? Let’s get started.

About the Author

Emily Cretella

Emily Cretella is a marketing strategist and copywriter who helps her clients create and share stories that make audiences take action. As owner of Cursive Content Marketing, Emily provides consulting, copywriting services and workshops to independent schools and higher education. Read her stories at

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