A Podcast Toolkit for 2016: 6 Episodes That Will Elevate Your School’s Marketing

January 12, 2016 Peter Baron

6 Podcast Episode


It’s not some far-flung, futuristic date. Nope, it’s the main set of vitals for our Get Connected podcast series.

Nine months since we launched. 23 episodes published. 3806 downloads.

Wow. All I can say is wow. I am thrilled with the response, and I want to thank you, the listener, and all of our guests who shared their stories since we published our first episode in March of 2015.

In looking back at the stats, a pretty clear trend jumped out on the screen when I looked at our most downloaded shows. The top six shared a common theme of growth. How do we grow enrollment? How do we market our schools in a better way? How do we prepare for the next steps in our professional careers?

This graph provides a window into the stats:


Seeing this trend, and understanding that we’re less than two weeks into 2016, we had an idea — let’s package our top six episodes into a toolkit.

Consider it a set of lessons to help inspire and elevate your school marketing heading into the new year. These are some great case studies to explore if you missed them in 2015.

#1 An Inside Look at Becoming a Head of School

Hands down, our #1 episode was “An Inside Look at Becoming a Head of School” with Chatham Hall’s Suzanne Buck. When you think about growth, this one fall into the personal or career bucket. Listen to learn how Suzanne navigated the search process and her first year on campus.

#2 A Collective Effort to Solve Boarding School Enrollment Challenges

The #2 episode focused on the work of The Association of Boarding Schools’ North American Boarding School Initiative (disclosure: I sat on this committee). Pete Upham, Executive Director of TABS, & I talk about the enrollment challenges facing boarding schools and how NABI’s is advocating for the 300 TABS member schools to take collective action in the form of four areas of investments designed to boost domestic interest & enrollment.

#3 Private Schools as a Luxury Good

Our very first podcast slides into the #3 position. In this interview, Chris Lauricella, Head of School at The Park School of Buffalo, talks about private schools as a luxury good. Chris and Park understand that when it comes to sharing information online, they need to meet the high expectations of today’s web users.

#4 How One School’s Creative Inbound Strategy Boosted Admission Yield

Proctor Academy embarked on a multi-year strategy to solidify their place in the private school inbound marketing world. Scott Allenby, Proctor’s Director of Communications and Marketing, shares the thinking behind the plan along with some fascinating year one results.

#5 A 20% Increase in Enrollment and How it was Done

Imagine you’re a new head of school. Enrollment’s down, and your board of directors tasked you with boosting the numbers. Greg Bamford, Head of Watershed School, shares how he and his team embraced the challenge and realized a 20% enrollment boost. Greg dives into the details and offers direct advice for any school (regardless of size) looking to grow their student population.

#6 What Every Private School Needs to Know About Personalized Marketing

This one features one of my favorite guests (he’s been on the show a couple of times), Brendan Schneider, Director of Advancement at Sewickley Academy. Recognized as one the best school marketers out there, Brendan came on the show to talk about marketing automation and personalization.

I hope you find this toolkit full of school case studies helpful as you dive into the new year. Again, our thanks for listening to the Get Connected podcast, and if you haven’t, please subscribe to our channel on iTunes. Our guest lineup for 2016 promises even more great storytelling. Don’t miss out!

One last thing — I want to take this opportunity to ask a favor. Do you or someone at your school have a marketing story they’d like to share on the podcast? Leave me a comment below, I’d love to hear from you.

Best wishes for a great 2016!

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