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7 Ways to Lower Delinquency

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800.443.9441 | solutions@blackbaud.com | www.blackbaud.com January 2019 1 TIP SHEET Seven Ways to Lower Delinquency at Your School BY BETH RICCARDI, Service Delivery Manager, Blackbaud It's no secret that late tuition payments hinder a school's cash flow and cause budgetary restrictions. These seven tips are key to helping your school lower delinquency and keep the cash flow flowing. 1 Start the enrollment/re-enrollment process early. Always kick off the enrollment/re-enrollment process 60–90 days before the earliest due date. Ongoing communication is critical, so keep in contact with your families during this time. Make sure to set expectations and provide an accurate timeline, so they know what actions they need to take and when. 2 Keep it simple. Flexibility is important, but offering too many options for your families can put unnecessary stress on the school and make it hard to manage cash flow. Stick to the basics! 3 Manage billpayers based on their needs. Do you have employees that are handled differently than the rest of the population? Do you have hardship families or special arrangements? How many groups do you need to consider when choosing settings for your school? Make sure you manage everyone based on their specific needs. 4 Use metrics to make educated decisions. Do your reports give you all the information you need to make informed decisions? Make sure you're looking at the whole school population and not making decisions based on outliers.

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