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800.443.9441 | solutions@blackbaud.com | www.blackbaud.com April 2019 1 TIP SHEET How to Create Effective Email Workflows for Future Students BY STACY JAGODOWSKI, Marketing and Communications Director, Sinai Akiba Academy We've all been in the situation where a prospective family reaches out years before their child is ready to apply. They're eager, excited about your school, and they want to start thinking about the application process now. By creating a series of emails—an email workflow—you can nurture them as potential customers, improve their connection to the school, and increase the likelihood that these valued families will eventually enroll—even if it's years down the road. 1 Start small by planning a series of eNewsletters. Since these are users who have already connected with your school, you know they are interested, so you don't need to hard sell them. Keeping them updated throughout the year is ideal; plan a year's worth (or more) of communication that simply shares information you're already publishing for the school's current constituents. Include: • Two to three news articles about school events; • Two to three photos about campus happenings; • Invitations to community events such as athletic games, plays, recitals, and guest speakers. 2 Provide value by giving advice. While it's great to keep promoting your school in an eNewsletter, email nurtures are also an opportunity to provide real value to users by sharing advice on the admissions process. Bonus: This strategy can also help reduce the number of questions fielded from applicant families. Consider alternating the email sends between the newsletter and advice emails. For example, if you send the eNewsletter on the first Friday of every month, the admissions tips email could go out on the third Tuesday. The tips email doesn't have to be an elaborately designed piece like the newsletter, but rather a quick, "I thought you'd be interested in this article . . ." note from the admission rep working with the family. Pro Tip: Send emails at the same time each month to build regularity.

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