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800.443.9441 | solutions@blackbaud.com | www.blackbaud.com May 2019 1 TIP SHEET How to Create a Stand-Out Admissions Landing Page BY RACHAEL EATON, Web Developer, Blackbaud Aside from the home page, the first page in the admissions section is the most important page of private school websites. Why? It's where the application process for prospective families begins—inquire, visit, apply—a journey they're likely considering with several schools. To ensure they continue with your school, the admission landing page must be memorable and effective. Making the page stand out from the crowd is a matter of addressing the following questions. 1 Who is the audience? One of the most powerful ways to catch the attention of visitors is through visual representation. Visuals absorb the user into the school's story by providing a window to imagine what their experience at the school will be like. A well-developed video with dramatic shots highlighting the school's programs, or a slideshow of professional-quality images will give visitors a sense of the school's atmosphere. For visuals to fully hit their mark it's critical to consider audience demographics. A pre-teen interested in arts isn't going to connect with an athletics image and vice versa. Make sure the visuals on the admissions landing page encapsulate the student body's age, gender, and ethnic diversity, as well as their top interests. Remember, you want visitors to see themselves (or their children) on the page—and at your school. Equally important is knowing the other schools that your audience is interested in and the experience they are getting on those schools' admissions landing pages. Carefully review those pages to understand how your school can present a better experience. If a top competitor is displaying a soccer image, and your school also has a soccer photo, that image isn't differentiating your school. 2 Why should they apply? After you've gotten the attention of admissions visitors with compelling visuals, it's time to reel them in by explaining why they should apply to your school. You don't want to overwhelm

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