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Blackbaud K-12 Get Connected Podcast Episode Title: The Power of Word-of-Mouth Marketing for Schools The rough audio for this episode is broken into three sections (intro, main, outro) with the following files: ● intro-daren-womm ● intro-jeff-womm ● intro-redo-womm (see notes below on where to fit this in) ● main-daren-womm ● main-emily-womm ● main-jeff-womm ● outro-daren-womm ● outro-jeff-womm Running time of the raw files is approximately 48 minutes. Editorial notes: 1. Begin the podcast with a teaser clip that starts at the 4:07.16 mark of the main tracks with Emily saying "The marketing piece…" and end at the 4:20 mark after "...the right story about our school." 2. Fade in/out an appropriate amount of the music to transition from the teaser to the intro 3. Begin the Daren/Jeff files at the :06 mark, cut them at the 14.5 mark where Jeff talks over me and then resume at 17.5 4. Cut the intro at 24.8 after Jeff says "great day" and go to the "intro-redo-womm" file 5. After the "intro-redo-womm" file, resume at the 2:59.5 mark with Jeff saying "It happens all the time…" 6. End the intro track at 5:19.5 and begin the main tracks at the :05 mark 7. Cut the main tracks at the 1:39 mark after Emily says "It's a good in-tandem mix" and resume at 1:55 with "So, Emily, you're written a…" 8. Cut the main tracks at 8:59 before Jeff begins his question and resume at 9:37 with Daren saying "The eBook talks about…" — also, please clean up where I get tongue tied at 9:47 9. Cut the main tracks at 9:51 and resume where Emily starts to answer the question at 10:09 10. Please clean out where Emily clears her throat at 10:19 11. Cut the main tracks at 10:46 and resume at 11:13 where Emily says "And this is really important…"

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