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800.443.9441 | solutions@blackbaud.com | www.blackbaud.com September 2019 1 TIP SHEET What to Look for When Evaluating Admission Software Features BY DAREN WORCESTER, Sr. Content Marketing Manager, Blackbaud K–12 There's a lot to consider when selecting a new enrollment management system for your school: How will it impact your current application process? Will it create the desired efficiencies for admission officers? Is it user-friendly for prospective families? Does it address the challenges you're trying to solve? The pressure to make the "right" choice can seem daunting, but you can simplify the process by focusing on how these key features work: 1 Application Form While it's easy to gloss-over the application form, you don't want any surprises later. "Customizable" forms are great but make sure the necessary options for your school's criteria are available. Also, review the form from the parent perspective—is it easy to use on mobile devices, are you able to provide clear instructions, and how do the notifications work? It's hard to predict how your school's admission process will change in the future, so the more flexibility, the better. 2 Student Application Online (SAO) Integration Making the application process as simple as possible is one of the best ways to impress prospective parents. The universal SAO is a parent-pleaser because it saves them from completing multiple application forms. However, you don't want the SAO to create extra work for admission officers. Blackbaud Enrollment Management System TM integrates with the SAO so that these applications display alongside those native to the system—no pain, plenty of gains! 3 Online Checklist Not all admission checklists are created equal. The best online checklists are customizable to your school's application process, are easy for candidate parents and admission officers to check an application's status, and provide real-time reporting for school leadership. In addition

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