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800.443.9441 | solutions@blackbaud.com | www.blackbaud.com February 2020 2 collecting the right info to personalize the application process. As one parent told English, "All of the personal approaches contributed hugely to our decision. We could tell right away it was a place where they were going to wrap my kid up, love him, and educate him." The candidate profile in Blackbaud Enrollment Management System is packed with details such as the completed inquiry form, interests, official notes, test scores, and recommendations, as well as registration info and notes from events, visits, and interviews. This resource provides admission officers with the information they need to personalize the experience, and being able to access it quickly is essential when parents call or stop-in unexpectedly. 3 Use preferred names. It's remarkable the impact that the simple courtesy of knowing someone's name, especially if they prefer to use a nickname, has on their overall impression of being welcomed at the school. "When we walked on campus, people who represented areas of my son's interests knew my name and were ready to talk to me," one parent said. While parents feel a sense of belonging when their family members' preferred names appear in the salutations on school communications, beware of the pitfalls of flawed personalization. "They sent a thank you letter after our visit but spelled my son's name wrong. That gave me insight into what might be a disorganized school or how they might treat my child." Blackbaud's system helps maintain accuracy for personalization. The information submitted on inquiry and application forms directly populates onto the candidate records, mitigating the risk of human error. 4 Put parents in the driver's seat. Busy parents are most likely to work on their child's application at night or on weekends when the admissions team typically isn't available to help. Therefore, the more admissions tasks they can accomplish on their own, the better the experience is for everyone, and the greater their appreciation for the school. Blackbaud Enrollment Management System delivers transparency by prioritizing the admission checklist when parents sign in, making it easy for them to see where they are in the process. What's more, self-scheduling for interviews and tours eliminates the tedious, time-consuming emails and calls previously needed to schedule an appointment. And by displaying school events on the admissions calendar, parents can book visits when activities related to their child's interests are taking place. 5 Communication is key. The importance of communication to the parent experience cannot be understated. As one parent told English, "When you're paying for something, there are definitely expectations about what's

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