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800.443.9441 | solutions@blackbaud.com | www.blackbaud.com March 2020 5 About Blackbaud Leading uniquely at the intersection point of technology and social good, Blackbaud connects and empowers organizations to increase their impact through cloud software, services, expertise, and data intelligence. We serve the entire social good community, which includes nonprofits, foundations, companies, education institutions, healthcare organizations, and the individual change agents who support them. Help Fight the Spread of COVID-19" or "Coronavirus is spreading, but millions do not have access to soap and water. Help us make a difference". If there is a deadline, make sure the headline includes the date the action needs to happen by, even if it's a relative date or fluid window like "next week" or "in the near future". Urgency and immediacy are very important in getting substantial, quality responses. CONTENT – EMAIL BODY This is your opportunity to provide your participants a focused message about regretfully having to cancel the event while encouraging them to continue making a difference by turning up fundraising efforts. It's okay to be emotional here—make it count. It breaks your heart the event can't go on, but the fundraising must. Your content should be concise, poignant, and immediately relevant. Unlike your eNewsletter that might contain many different types of stories, this topic should be the sole focus of the message. Credit Card Chargeback Considerations Our guidance to customers is that if they have to cancel events due to COVID-19, they should issue refunds immediately versus waiting, which could cause them to incur a chargeback and the associated fees ($15 for BBMS customers). Furthermore, the card brands—Visa/ MasterCard—have provided additional guidance due to the coronavirus: It's the merchants (our customers) who are held responsible for "services not rendered" if an event was cancelled and/or rescheduled due to the coronavirus and the cardholder (constituent) is unable to participate (due to the cancellation or not being able to make the alternate date). Merchants (our customers) are encouraged to contact the cardholder to discuss and agree upon rescheduling the delivery of "goods or services" purchased to whenever the goods are available or whenever it is possible to provide the services. However, if the cardholder does not receive ordered "goods or services" by the agreed upon time or location, the merchant is responsible. As noted above, our customers should process refunds for cancelled events as soon as possible. Additional Resources Here is a list of resources from across the sector that may be useful. • Centers for Disease Control (CDC) • World Health Organization (WHO) • Lessening The Risk Of Coronavirus At Nonprofits, Nonprofit Times article • Livestream Fundraising 101: What is Livestream Fundraising?, sgENGAGE blog • How Philanthropy Can Respond, Center for Disaster Philanthropy webinar • 6 Steps for Grant Makers to Take Now to Ensure Nonprofits Recover From Coronavirus Spread, Chronicle of Philanthropy article • A few things for nonprofits and foundations to consider in light of the Coronavirus, Nonprofit AF blog • Marketing Your Event During the Coronavirus (PCMA) • Covid-19 Is your Event Covered? (PCMA) • Event Cancellation and What You Should Do - March 19 webinar (Running USA) • Managing COVID-19's Impact On Your Peer-to- Peer Programs – March 20 webinar, Peer-to-Peer Professional Forum

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