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Blackbaud/AOD Education Management Presentation Q/A Blackbaud Financial Management Questions: Q) What are the transaction fees associated with Blackbaud Tuition Management? A) All checking and savings account (ACH) transactions are 100% free of charge for both one- time online or phone payments and automatic withdrawal set ups. Credit Cards carry a 2.85% convenience fee per transaction and can be absorbed by the school or passed on to the payer dependent upon the school's settings choices. Q) Can a fundraising link be created that can be utilized on the school website? A) Yes, the proposed Tuition Management solution includes a Give Now tool which can be used to create an online giving portal that anyone within the school community can donate through. This tool will allow the school to create a customized giving link on their individual website and will process payments through Blackbaud Tuition Management's payment processing. Again, this platform has free ACH transactions and a 2.85% credit card processing fee. Those making donations can also sign up for recurring gifts through Give Now as well as allow for the donor to cover the processing fee. Also free of charge is Blackbaud's Peer to Peer Fundraising powered by Just Giving. This allows for crowdfunding within your school community and could be an additional option to consider. This is a fun campaign that Diocese of Trenton contracted us to set up for them and all of their schools: If you scroll down and click on one of the school's pages, you can see the capabilities you could have for your school as part of the free version. For more information on Peer to Peer, here is a link: b0RPLUSSIGN03Nps0wwYMm2n85SWomq9iobeeXs5TclrfAKb___V4ZOWHelwjThgEQUALSIGN Finally, Blackbaud provides an advanced fundraising solution through our Raiser's Edge solution. This can be added to any school's software package should you have a more strategic development strategy within your school focused on annual, major and planned giving. For more information on The Raiser's Edge, here is a link: sdSgNHRKRsMLgG23wZiK3XpqyKsjPLUSSIGNY___ysaWVeWByKxUqYA260C4F9HUEQUALSIGN We'd be happy to talk through what may be the right fit for your school. Q) How is monthly billing applied and are incidental charges supported? A) Monthly billing charges for incidental fees can be applied in several different ways. There is a batch tool functionality, a self-service billing upload from Excel, or a manual application tool for one off account changes. These applied charges will either be invoiced monthly for payment or pulled with a preset automatic debit from the payer's payment resource. Blackbaud Tuition Management also offers a Shopping Cart feature that allows families with active accounts to apply charge items, and payments for them, in real time.

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