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2 1 3 4 800.443.9441 | solutions@blackbaud.com | www.blackbaud.com December 2018 1 TIP SHEET Keys for Successfully Evaluating New Software at Your Private School While searching for software can seem like an overwhelming task at first, it's important to remember that the time you spend shopping for software is a mere fraction of the time you'll spend using it. For that reason alone, being thoughtful in your selection process is critical to ensuring long-term success for your private school. This tip sheet provides detailed guidelines of the four phases of the evaluation process: planning, discovery, evaluation, and selection. Follow these guidelines to stay focused, on track, and on budget when hunting for new software for your school community. Plan As with any project, the first phase is to lay out a plan. Timeline A key constraint will be your timeline. Make sure to note any funding limitations or upcoming campaigns and put together a timeline accordingly. Project Manager A project manager should be identified early so that there is one liaison between your school departments and the software vendors. This does not have to be a full-time job, but there should be a single point person. Team Next, you'll want to identify key team members who should be involved in the process. Are you looking for a tool that impacts multiple departments? Make sure each of those departments has a representative on the planning team. Mission Once you've assembled your team, figure out what issues you are hoping the software will solve. Software is a very powerful tool and can have a profound impact on your private school, but if you

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