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Sanford School Stays Fully Engaged with the “ON” Products

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CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT Sanford School Located in Hockessin, Delaware, Sanford School provides a private, college preparatory education for a diverse group of students in prekindergarten through twelfth grades. Within a caring and supportive environment, students experience a rigorous curriculum while discovering the talents, strengths, and passions that shape their individual journeys. Sanford School Stays Fully Engaged with the "ON" Products Today's employees, students, and parents are regularly tapping into advanced digital technology in their personal lives, and they expect the same experience when interacting with their school technology. Staff, students, and parents at Sanford School were no different. Because of this, the school's faculty were regularly dissatisfied with the need to access multiple databases to pull reports and get work done. Students and parents were confused and frustrated when they were required to log into separate systems to access the information that they needed or fill out forms for their school. That all changed when Sanford School adopted the "ON" Products. The integrated onBoard, onMessage, onCampus, and onRecord systems made tracking down answers, solving problems, and developing user programs much easier for the Sanford School technology team. Enrolling and withdrawing "As an administrator who is responsible for communications and technology, I believe our adoption of the 'ON' Products has turned what many perceive as a challenging, near impossible job into a wonderful, manageable job." —Cheryl Fleming, Director of Communications and Marketing Sanford School is powered by: • onMessage ® Content Management • onRecord ® Student Information System • onBoard ® Enrollment Management • onCampus ® Learning Management Learn more about the "ON" Products. Sign up for a free demo 800.443.9441 July 2016

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