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800.443.9441 | solutions@blackbaud.com | www.blackbaud.com November 2018 1 TIP SHEET 10 Questions You Need to Ask to Strengthen Your School's Website Admissions Content BY EMILY CRETELLA, Owner, Cursive Content Marketing Your Admissions section includes some of the most critical content on your school's website. Make sure it's working efficiently for you by using this worksheet to audit and improve your content. 1 Does our Admissions page make our case? Your Admissions section may be either the first page visitors see on your website (via a Google® search) or the last (once they're moving forward in their decision- making process). Either way, you need to make sure your Admissions landing page answers the essential question: Why is our school the school for you? ACTION STEP: Add language from your positioning statement or story into your Admissions page. It's all right if this language is repeated throughout your site—you want your core story to be reinforced. 2 Are we using the best search terminology? In order for visitors to arrive at Admissions via a search engine, you have to be using the same "online vocabulary" that prospective families are entering into searches. This means you should use terminology such as "private school" instead of "independent school" and "elementary school" over "lower school." Also, don't forget to reiterate the school's location (city and state) in the text. ACTION STEP: Incorporate search terminology into page titles (where appropriate), headers, the opening paragraph of text and throughout body copy, and image captions. What is your school's online vocabulary? While search terminology varies based on geographic location, Google's global average monthly search volume* shows the common discrepancy between school lingo and public opinion. Number of Searches* Independent School = 12,000 vs. Private School = 74,000 Lower School = 590 vs. Elementary School = 301,000 Upper School = 720 vs. High School = 823,000

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