The Benefits of a Connected School Management System

April 6, 2020 Blackbaud K–12

At a time of great uncertainty for private schools, the call to innovate while doing more with less couldn’t be greater. Success, and the economic sustainability of schools, is directly anchored to the technology running operations. The collective whole, known as a school management system, offers the promise of increased efficiency and enhanced capabilities.

How does promise become a reality? There are two schools of thought. The original approach inherent in the initial gold rush of cloud software solutions is a best-of-breed matrix, where a variety of vendors and applications are selected to manage various aspects of the school. This path gives each office the freedom to choose their preferred solution but also complicates the back-end data management and raises questions around cybersecurity and user experience.

Out of the lessons learned from best-of-breed setups, a newer methodology has emerged—the connected school management system. With this approach, a core database powers the major school office solutions from a single vendor alongside a carefully cultivated ecosystem for extended capabilities. K–12 private schools of all sizes are reporting connected-school benefits such as streamlined data management, increased efficiency, simplified user experience, and better support structures.

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