SKY Reporting 101: New Benefits of Blackbaud's Database Management System for Schools

September 25, 2017 Annie Davis

You’ve probably heard lots of talk about Blackbaud SKY, but do you know what it means and how it will benefit your school’s data access and reporting capabilities?  

Overall, Blackbaud SKY is a set of capabilities that will be consistent across the entire Blackbaud portfolio of cloud-based software and data management solutions. SKY enables Blackbaud to deliver an ongoing stream of innovation with industry-leading security, scale, and performance. Because of SKY UX, the interface of the NXT products and Blackbaud's education management solutions (formerly the “ON” Products) now looks the same. Additionally, SKY Reporting gives users the same tool to build reports, dashboards, and pull analytics out of any Blackbaud product.  

Today, we’re kicking off a blog series to take a deeper dive into SKY Reporting in the “ON” Products.  We will answer the following questions; What is it? Where is it? What are the key elements?  How can you benefit?  Over the coming months we’ll continue with this topic to dive deeper to explore Lists and some use case examples, Dashboards + examples, SKY Reporting roles and sharing across the school.  We’re also still looking for Early Adopter Program (EAP) participants to play around in the new SKY Reporting features and give our development team feedback.  If you’re interested in joining, click here.

Did you know that Sky Reporting:

  • Greatly expands list criteria
  • Enables reporting across Admissions, Enrollment, and Academics (if you’re using Blackbaud’s education management solutions in those offices)
  • Provides the insights and features to create custom dashboards—for your HOS or Board, for example (this feature is currently in an early adopter program)
  • Delivers exceptional data management access with analytics and measurements that will continue to expand over the next 12 months

SKY Reporting is made up of two main areas in your navigation: Lists and Analyze.  Below you can see where to click to get started with SKY Reporting. You’ll notice that the icons provide reminders for where you’ve clicked.

School Database Management System App


Lists deliver the ability to pull reports based on set criteria, solving many customization requirements by enabling you to add filters and pick and order the columns. Now you can create and share thousands of report combinations. For example:

  • Find students with birthdays this month by grade level;
  • See total number of course requests for each course for a given year;
  • Get a list of students that have a grade lower (or higher) than X in a particular marking period;
  • Generate a list of students with incomplete grades;
  • Generate a list of candidates assigned to an admissions officer and see the status of selected checklist items (scheduled, waived, completed with date);
  • Find a list of users that are both parents and alums;
  • Find a list of users with accounts locked.

Analyze is where you can access the prescriptive (pre-built) dashboard to see trend-type data with editable filters. Later this fall, you’ll be able to combine insights and filters onto dashboards you create. Analyze reports include:

  • Admissions funnel;
  • Grades by Department;  
  • Key Performance Indicators such as the number of Prospective Students with Current Student Siblings.

Analyze Admission Report for K-12 Schools

Sky Reporting gives your admissions team a clear view of their performance YOY across Inquiries, Applicants, Inquiries, etc. The screenshot below shows how key stakeholders can follow the school's admissions pipeline.

Sky Reporting Data Dashboards for Private Schools



Blackbaud is committed to providing a truly connected School Management System that helps schools of all sizes attract more families, retain and engage with existing families and operate at their peak efficiency.  Blackbaud’s reporting capabilities align with that mission by providing key data in a consumable way so schools have the ability to make data-driven decisions without the time and hassle of exporting/importing and manipulating spreadsheets.


In the next SKY Reporting blog post we’ll be taking a deep dive into Lists including more examples and use cases to get you started.


In the meantime, keep in touch in our Blackbaud K-12 Community, check out the Resource Hub and sign up for a webinar!


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