The State of Blackbaud K-12 in 2019 with Travis Warren #Podcast

January 22, 2019 Travis Warren

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Episode 59 of the Get Connected podcast welcomes Travis Warren, president and GM of Blackbaud's K–12 Group, to share his views on The State of Blackbaud K–12 in 2019. Listen in as Travis shares his insight into the evolution of Blackbaud K–12—where we started, where we've been, and where we're going. 

In the episode, we pose the following questions to Travis:

  • Why was it necessary to change the names of Blackbaud K-12's education management, tuition, and financial aid solutions?
  • Where are we today in regards to the vision of connecting the whole school and the school community?
  • What are the major initiatives for 2019?
  • The Blackbaud Higher Education Team recently announced that small colleges will be using the education management and tuition and billing solutions — do you foresee this having an impact on our schools?
  • What are the top things you are looking forward to with the User Conference in D.C. this summer, and what advice would you give to first-time attendees?

Get Connected to this discussion by listening to the podcast above, downloading the episode, or subscribing to our podcast channel on iTunes. Make sure you stay tuned to the end of the episode to learn Travis' favorite Guns N' Roses song (no, that's not a typo).

About the Author

Travis Warren

Travis Warren is the President and GM of Blackbaud’s K–12 Group, where he leads the team moving the combined suite of products built to connect the whole school forward with the same vision. Travis frequently speaks about technology and communications and runs hands-on workshops to help schools engage the newest mediums in their communications strategy. Travis lives in Amherst, NH, with his wife and four children. Away from work, he enjoys coaching football, digital photography, and serving as a trustee for his alma mater, Proctor Academy.

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