Jeff Ritter

Blackbaud K12

Jeff Ritter is the Chief Information Officer at St. John's School in Houston, TX. St. John's is a nationally acclaimed independent school with approximately 1500 coed students in grades K-12.  Over the past 15 years, St. John's has gone from "Good to Great" in technology by focusing on technology integration, the needs of the teacher and their classroom, cutting costs, and continuing to investigate new technologies and their place in the classroom.  In addition to his outstanding leadership at St. John's, Jeff has served on the education advisory boards of Blackbaud, IBM, Lenovo, Promethean, and WhippleHill and is presently the Executive Director of the Blackbaud K12 Advisory Board. Jeff also was a pioneering leader in wireless laptop programs, launching one of the first completely wireless 1:1 programs at Randolph School in Huntsville, Alabama.  Jeff has spoken at many international, national, regional, and local conferences and works with schools on technology integration, setting up a laptop program, best technology practices, and using the web as your primary communications tool.

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Bev Shore
Bev Shore

Database Manager & Blackbaud Specialist at Norfolk Collegiate