Why Responsive Emails Matter To Your School Communication

August 11, 2015 Mark Christensen

We live in a mobile world and how we read our email communications only proves the point. With more that 51% of emails being opened via phones, it’s critical for schools to send emails that look great on whatever devices are in your constituents hands.

So how can a school do this? How can you feel confident that a parent won’t be frustrated by having to pinch and zoom to read an email on their mobile? It’s the same solution that we’ve brought to your onMessage website — responsive design, but this time for Pushpage emails.

A responsive email will adapt to whatever devices it’s read on. It will take that classic two-column newsletter and collapse it to a single column on your phone making it much, much easier to read.

Consider these two scenarios.

A parent waiting in the carpool line for pick-up decides to read the school newsletter or an alum sitting on the subway checks out your reunion recap. It only makes sense that they’d read your Pushpage on their phones.

By not offering an email that’s responsive, it could lead to less than an ideal viewing experience and may negatively impact your goals. Perhaps your parent is less likely to read an important piece of information, or your alum misses the reunion photos.

Being responsive is a key element to meeting the demands of a multi-screen world. We took this approach with all our “ON” products. Our content management system, onMessage, has been responsive since day 1. And now, with our recent July release, Pushpages are too!

So, how did we get your communications to be responsive? Janet Wittenberg, Product Owner for onMessage, and her team have built a feature that makes Pushpage templates in onMessage automatically responsive. When a user views a Pushpage from their mobile device, the content now adjusts to fit the smaller screen.

Check out this example that Cheshire Academy sent us:


You might be asking, “But, what about my existing templates?” Just update an existing Pushpage template or issue by selecting Responsive Design and choose the layout. The single column or two column layout is the recommendation for better viewing. And if you create a new template, it will be responsive by default.



We’re excited to offer this feature in onMessage. You can be sure that whatever communication you send, your school’s content will display crisply and neatly across all devices — desktop, laptop, tablet and phone!

What to learn more? I’ve pulled together some great resources. Take a look:

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