Buy Now, Give Now

Watch the short video above to learn how the Buy Now, Give Now feature in Blackbaud Tuition ManagementTM offers a unique solution to streamline payment collection and donations for enrichment activities.


Blackbaud's Tuition Management solution empowers schools to manage their tuition and incidental billing in one streamlined process. But that's not all it offers. Many of our tuition management schools have taken advantage of our free Buy Now, Give Now solution to streamline the collection of payments that historically have not had a home and a billing system.

Let's take a look at a live example of how a Blackbaud school is utilizing Buy Now, Give Now to streamline the signup process for their enrichment activities. On a school's page, you can set up custom links that will take them to an online checkout experience.

In this case, we'll sign up for athletics. A family can go to the page, click on flag football, type in their student information, agree to the language that the school has put in, and add it to a shopping cart.

Once all the items have been added to a shopping cart, you'll go to a checkout screen, where you'll type in pertinent information, including payment information. Verify your account and go ahead and place the order.

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