Integrated Enrollment and Tuition Contracts

September 22, 2020

Watch the quick video above to learn how Blackbaud's integrated enrollment and tuition contracts make the process easy for families and school administrators by eliminating "paperwork" and duplicate data entry. To learn more, sign up for a Blackbaud Enrollment Management System demo


Blackbaud's integrated contracts allow your families to select their annual payment choices without ever leaving the enrollment management solution.

Parents agree to the school's contractual language and consent to it with an e-signature. They're then presented with their custom fee schedule, including any optional fees, and are immediately asked how they're going to pay based on the school-specific fee settings.

One final review and the family can pay their deposit to complete the process. At completion, all of the contractual data automatically transfers into Blackbaud's tuition management solution.

With Blackbaud's integrated contracts, it's that easy.

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