Streamlining Admissions Management at Berkeley Hall School

October 23, 2019

In this video, Nathalie Miller, the director of admissions and financial aid at Berkeley Hall School in Los Angeles, California, discusses how Blackbaud Enrollment Management SystemTM has streamlined the school's admissions processes.

Miller begins by explaining how Berkeley Hall selected Blackbaud Enrollment Management System as their school's software solution for admissions management.

"We were using Blackbaud for our website and student information system, but we were not using it for admissions. We started looking at different products," she explains. "[Blackbaud Enrollment Management System] seemed to have the most advanced bells and whistles."

What has been the biggest benefit for Berkeley Hall School and its community?

"Having the integration between the enrollment management software and [Blackbaud Tuition Management] has saved a tremendous amount of time for our business office, and for me because I know exactly how many students I still have to go after in terms of if they've not turned in their contract or there's a piece missing, and that's been much faster.

"Families are very comfortable going online and signing the contracts. It has streamlined our entire process. That's the beauty of it. It's totally integrated.

"From day to day, I can tell my head of school how many inquiries we've gotten, where we are with applications, and where we are with enrollment."

Would Miller recommend that other schools use Blackbaud's admissions management tools?

"If you're considering enrollment management for your school, I would say absolutely go for it."

She doesn't stop at admissions management. Miller also sees the value in connecting the whole school with Blackbaud K–12 solutions.

"It is very streamlined. You're able to make a beautiful, comfortable environment for parents. And then to have the families in one software from inquiry all the way to alumni is pretty amazing."

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