CrisisGo has joined the Blackbaud Partner Network to offer an integration between its safety management and emergency communications system and the Blackbaud "ON" Products.

CrisisGo’s integration of its emergency communications solution, provisions student rosters from Blackbaud "ON" Products to identify students at risk and manage the reunification process.

Product Overview
CrisisGo is a complete safety application suite improving the security of all K-12 schools using a mobile application. It gives every member of the community instant, always-on, access to tools, resources, and if needed safety teams using his/her smartphone.

Safety Preparedness - CrisisGo takes emergency response plans out of their three-ring binders and makes them available on smartphones for immediate use. CrisisGo manages all training and drills activities, making safety awareness part of teachers and staff weekly routine.

Emergency Communications - any incident or potential threat is reported to the safety team by a simple press of a button for instant response. Alerts can be sent to anyone at risk and two-way communications can guide them back to safety.

Incident Management - all incidents, tips, and bully behaviors are logged to ensure proper disposition. CrisisGo safety dashboard provides a real-time view of all threats, enables detailed reporting, and assists schools for meeting their compliance requirements.

About CrisisGo
CrisisGo is an incident and emergency communications network company with offices in Sunnyvale, CA and St. Louis, MO. CrisisGo is innovating incident management with a platform that takes emergency response plans out of their three-ring binders and puts them on smartphones, iPads and desktops for immediate reference and use. CrisisGo is changing how private schools respond to crises by giving them two-way communications tools necessary for staff to report daily incidents, know what to do during any emergency, and be in continuous communication as any incident unfolds.

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