Finalsite and Blackbaud have partnered to offer an integration with Blackbaud’s “ON” Products that replaces manual datasheet uploads, saving schools time and enhancing the accuracy and timeliness of your data in Finalsite.

How the Integration Works:

Data flows from the “ON” Products into Finalsite, ensuring that eNotify contact lists and online directories always have up-to-date information. The integration includes:

  • Automatic data that transfers hourly and refreshes constituent information from “ON” in Finalsite
  • An authentication mechanism with “ON” Products products
  • All connections taking place over a secure SSL connection​

What Data Gets Shared:

User Data can pull information for nearly any role. An example of consumable data can include:

  • Contact Information: Email, Phone, Address
  • Name Information: First/Last/Middle, Maiden, Nickname, Prefix/Suffix, Username
  • Other: Grade/Graduating Year, Relationships, Gender, Degree/Educational Information, Occupation, or Custom Fields

Class Data sync facilitates class data and rosters, meaning class information and rosters can automatically be populated in Finalsite’s LMS, Learn.

Athletics Data sync means admins can populate and update team events, rosters and coaches in Finalsite Athletics Manager based on the OnSuite data.

Calendar Data is filtered through an iCal feed that can be used for receiving and sending calendar data to and from Finalsite.

For more information about the integration and to schedule a Live Demo, please complete the Request a Demo form on this page.

More about Finalsite:

  • Finalsite is the largest provider of web communications in the education industry, working with more than 2,000 schools in 70 counties, and nearly 50% of NAIS-member schools.
  • We boast more than 70 design accolades and a Best-in-Class design process that ensures schools always put their best foot forward online.
  • With our wide-range of digital marketing services, including Search Engine Marketing Consulting, Social Media Marketing, and Strategic Consulting, we help schools favorably position themselves in the digital market.
  • For us, it’s all about the relationship built with clients. Finalsite offers world-class training and support that’s worldwide to assist in every time zone.

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