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REACH has leveraged the power of Blackbaud’s “ON” Product API to deliver a seamless transition of data into the REACH environment.

Grabbing relevant demographic data on a nightly sync, REACH is able to keep important information, relevant to the Boarding Community, up-to date and accessible when needed. Schools are using REACH Boarding to compliment the Dorm module in onCampus.

About REACH:

REACH is a purpose built Student Management System for Boarding Schools and Residential Campuses. It has been designed specifically to help boarding schools manage risk, gain efficiency and improve communications throughout the residential life community.

REACH is a powerful management tool which can significantly improve how schools implement policies and procedures on campus, providing consistent and automated response mechanisms for requests, permissions, student tracking, welfare and discipline. REACH also ensures that relevant information is accurately recorded and stored and that is easily accessible for reporting and sharing amongst your entire boarding community.

Supporting REACH’s transactional infrastructure are modules that will enable schools to customize REACH to suit campus policies and procedures, communications management for notifications and information sharing, reporting capabilities to utilize the vast management data that is captured in REACH and importantly, an automated Audit Log which tracks, records and files all transaction and communications data that is occurring in REACH.

REACH is backed by a team of experienced executives with a thorough understanding of Boarding Student care across five continents.

For more information about REACH or its integration with “ON” contact:

Brian Murray
Director of REACH Boarding - North America
(888) 722-8670
Learn about REACH Boarding:

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