Ruvna and Blackbaud have partnered to provide schools with an easy and reliable integration between Ruvna’s emergency accountability and communication platform and Blackbaud’s onCampus and onRecord products.

The integration was designed to deliver seamless roster, user, and student provisioning, enabling schools to gain 100% accountability of their students and faculty during times of crisis.

What is Ruvna?

Ruvna enables schools to locate and account for students during emergencies and drills, all without app downloads, GPS, or student interaction. Ruvna replaces the paper/clipboards used by schools today during emergencies and drills with an intuitive digital roster. Teachers use Ruvna to take roll during any crisis or drill, while administrators follow along live to determine exactly which students are safe, and who might be missing and/or in need of attention.

Faculty can use any internet connected device to check-in students - no app downloads, GPS, or student interaction required!

Integration with Blackbaud’s onCampus and onRecord Products
Schools that utilize Ruvna are able to cut their monthly fire-drill times in half or more. By taking advantage of this exciting partnership with Blackbaud, getting started couldn’t be easier. Ruvna integrates right into onCampus and onRecord to ensure that you’re always prepared for a crisis.

The integration between Ruvna and Blackbaud’s onCampus and onRecord products provides user account creation, data synchronization, and roster provisioning. With this integration, schools don’t have to worry about exporting spreadsheets or dealing with out-of-date data. Instead, schools can focus on making sure students are always safe and accounted-for in the event of an emergency.

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