Studyo offers a complete school planner and task management tool focused on helping students develop their executive function skills. Studyo and Blackbaud have partnered to enable the display and management of onCampus assignments and tasks directly in the Studyo planner. This offers students a complete view of all the tasks expected of them by their teachers in addition to their tasks created within Studyo, with the ability to plan when to work on each one, set reminders and split tasks into steps.

How the integration works
Schools using onCampus can link classes to their Studyo configuration. Teachers can use onCampus to publish assignments and other tasks, which automatically appear in each student’s Studyo planner where they can manage when they will work on each task and plan their study time.

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Why is this important
Teachers appreciate the flexibility and depth of onCampus, and students require a single place to view all types of assignments given to them, whether they are announced in class or made available through onCampus. To help students get a complete view of all their work, Studyo allows students to create tasks in a variety of ways - manually or by taking pictures of the board in addition to receiving them from their teachers. This allows students to get a complete timeline of all their work and take action by setting next steps, chunking work and organizing their time around personal and academic activities.

For parents, they now get a complete view of how their child organizes their school work, including how they decide to plan their assignments. This way they can guide them in learning to organize their time, not just their due dates.

For teachers, connecting onCampus and Studyo offers significant advantages. The School view in Studyo displays all tasks published by every teacher on any given day. This provides them with a way to ensure students do not have an excessive workload before setting assessment and homework dates.




About Studyo
A multiplatform tool which runs as a native iOS app or fully offline-capable HTML5 app, Studyo is a full planner replacement for students and teachers, providing a unique view of the exact school calendar and class schedule. Tasks appear as icons to make them clearly visible and actionable and adapts to any kind of school schedule such as rotating days or week A/B.

Studyo was built from the point of view of students and many of its features was inspired by their direct feedback.

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