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Blackbaud and The School Volunteer have partnered to offer a single sign-on (SSO) integration. The integration was designed to allow Parents and Friends to sign up for school volunteer activities online. Implementing this web-based solution also allows schools to be more Eco-friendly, in addition to saving them time and money on print and mailing costs.

Clients that are using both Blackbaud and The School Volunteer can take advantage of this integration by requesting the add-on from Blackbaud. Once installed, a new School Volunteer Manager Role will be created,giving the school the option of when they would like it enabled. An SSO link can then be placed behind the password on the Resource Board, allowing users access to The School Volunteer platform, without requesting a new login. Schools can feature the SSO using the Resource Board (see below) in the “ON” products.

Single Sign-On
The SSO, or single sign-on, integration authenticates users from the “ON” products to The School Volunteer. No additional usernames, passwords or URLs are needed. SSO reduces password fatigue among users and decreases the volume of password-related phone calls to the IT department.

About The School Volunteer
The School Volunteer, a web-based service, facilitates the registration of volunteers, organization of committees and management of teams. Users can send email to an individual, a committee roster, a school division roster, and all registered volunteers. Users can also nominate leadership, generate reports, and coordinate committee activities. Chairs can open/close their committee, send reminders, and receive notification when volunteers join the committee.

Contact Information
The School Volunteer
Phone: 1-972-931-5587
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Dallas, TX




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