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Vidigami offers a single sign on (SSO) integration between its school photo storing and sharing solution and Blackbaud's “ON” products. The integration provides secure and easy access to Vidigami so that no separate log-in is required to tap into your school’s repository of shared photos.

Learn about the Vidigami integration into the “ON” Products

SSO access between the “ON” products and Vidigami allows users to access Vidigami by simply clicking on a link that can be added to the Resource Board page or any “ON” product.  A one-time activation is required whereby users are 1) prompted for their acceptance of Vidigami’s end user agreement, and 2) asked to set-up a password.   

Thereafter, the login name and associated password are activated and can be used to access photos via the Vidigami mobile app.  No separate login is required when accessed via their desktop browser.

More about Vidigami!

  • It’s the only photo management solution designed exclusively for schools.

  • It’s private and secure - provides schools optimal control over content and user access.

  • It’s all about community engagement, alumni development, and marketing.  Vidigami enables schools to connect their community by sharing the student experience.  Families, students and teachers can easily access via desktop or mobile app (iOS/Android). The more photos uploaded, the more everyone is helping to enrich the memories for every student.

  • Organize photos in Vidigami and publish slideshow directly to Blackbaud’s onMessage CMS via embed code.  Slideshow updates automatically as photos are updated in your Vidigami set.


For more information about Vidigami or its integration with “ON” contact:

1.888.569.2280 ext. 1


Learn about Vidigami:



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