Blackbaud and Visitu, an intuitive iPad app plus SaaS solution that makes it easy to manage visitors checking-in and out of your school, have partnered to offer an integration that syncs relevant employee, student, and volunteers information between the “ON” Products and Visitu’s school lobby visitor registration app.


Visitu makes it simple to sign in visitors, print badges, notify employees of visitors, and improve your school security. Students can also sign in and sign out, and the software will manage and record tardies, attendance, and volunteer hours.

Visitu is available on a subscription basis and only requires an iPad on premise.

Benefit of Visitu’s integration with the “ON” Products:

  • Sync employee, student, parent and volunteer details from Blackbaud “ON” to Visitu in just a few clicks.
  • Multi-location support and smooth implementation.
  • Automatically update your Visitu employee directory when you update the “ON” Products.
  • Ongoing synchronization of employee, student, and volunteer databases ensures your databases will always be up-to-date.
  • Data is encrypted in transit during the synchronization process.

The Visitu + Blackbaud “ON” Products integration syncs your employees, students and volunteer into Visitu, meaning you can sync hundreds of records in just a few clicks.

To subscribe to Visitu or request a demonstration, please call 888-815-5159 or email

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