How to Engage Millennials in Private School Fundraising #Podcast

September 12, 2018 Daren Worcester

Episode 55 of the Get Connected podcast, How to Engage Millennials in Private School Fundraising, welcomes Joe Garecht to discuss his recent eBook, Supercharged Millennial Fundraising: An Advanced Guide to Engaging Young Alumni in Development.

In the podcast, Joe talks about the importance of engaging millennial alumni in fundraising early instead of waiting until they are older and further along in their careers.

"The problem is, once schools lose touch with their younger donors, it can take two or three times the effort to reconnect with them later in their lives and careers," Garecht said. "So while it seems like there's a lower return on investment—and there is for an immediate return on investment—the truth is, if you stay engaged with your millennial donors, you're going to be making a much smaller investment of time and resources than you otherwise will have to if you're trying to re-engage them later on down the line."

To bridge the gap between current and future time and resource investment, Joe recommends fundraising strategies on the podcast and in the eBook that appeal to millennials and enable schools to efficiently engage large groups of young alumni at once. You can think of it as long-range planning for development.

"Those younger alumni are going to become older alumni at some point. They're going to progress in their careers and they're going to build wealth."

To hear all of Joe's millennial fundraising advice, listen to the podcast above, download the episode, or subscribe to the Get Connected podcast channel on iTunes.

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Daren Worcester has been a member of the Blackbaud K-12 team for 16 years, assisting hundreds of independent schools through a variety of website development roles. A former copywriter and a published author with an appetite for SEO, Daren currently serves as the senior content marketing manager for K-12.

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