Live in Front of a Studio Audience

July 17, 2019 Daren Worcester

Podcast hosts Daren Worcester and Jeff Ritter during the live recording.

Episode 64 of the Get Connected podcast was recorded in front of an audience during a best-practice breakout session at UC19. The topic? Podcasting, of course! Review the session slides and tune in as our hosts Daren Worcester and Jeff Ritter discuss:

  • Why schools should consider podcasting
  • Educational and marketing opportunities for podcasts
  • Things to think about when setting up a podcast
  • The necessary equipment
  • Tools and options for recording, editing, and hosting

Additional resources that were referenced in the episode:

  • Amper Music is an AI composition tool for creating royalty-free podcast theme music
  • Zencastr is the recording platform currently being used for the Get Connected podcast—please see the session deck below for more links to recording, editing, and hosting platforms
  • Examples of how we format pre-show notes that are sent to guests and the editorial notes that go to a podcast audio engineer with Fiverr

The "Get Connected" Podcast: Live in Front of a Studio Audience!

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Daren Worcester

Daren Worcester has been a member of the Blackbaud K-12 team for 17 years, assisting hundreds of independent schools through a variety of website development roles. A former copywriter and a published author with an appetite for SEO, Daren currently serves as the senior content marketing manager for K-12.

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