Meet the New Blackbaud K–12 Advisory Board Director

December 5, 2019 Daren Worcester

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Episode 69 of the Get Connected podcast welcomes Hiram Cuevas, the director of academic technology at St. Christopher's School in Richmond, Virginia, and the new executive director of Blackbaud K–12's Advisory Board. Topics discussed on the podcast, include:

  • How the Advisory Board helps shape the direction of Blackbaud K–12's solutions, as well as Hiram's role in guiding the board as executive director
  • Lessons Hiram learned from his previous experience on the Advisory Board that will help shape its future
  • Hot topics from the recent Advisory Board meeting, including:
    • The upcoming graduation requirements with 360-view enhancement
    • How St. Christopher's School will utilize the upcoming competency-based education enhancement
    • Recent updates to Blackbaud SKY API for K–12's education management solutions and how schools are utilizing it
  • How Advisory Board appointments are made, and what aspiring advisors can do to merit consideration

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Daren Worcester

Daren Worcester has been a member of the Blackbaud K-12 team for 17 years, assisting hundreds of independent schools through a variety of website development roles. A former copywriter and a published author with an appetite for SEO, Daren currently serves as the senior content marketing manager for K-12.

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