A New Look for Dorm Groups! – Idea to Feature

June 18, 2015 Jackie Christensen

Earlier this spring, we were thrilled to release a significant update to Dorm Groups. In our latest Idea to Feature, Jackie Christensen, Senior Product Manager for onCampus, shares all of the details.

An Overhaul to Dorm Groups!

Dorm Groups enjoy the same look, feel and functionality as our other Group Page experiences like Classes, Teams and Advisory.

For instance, just as in Classes, Dorm Groups features a Bulletin Board, Topics Page and a Resident page, which functions the same way as a Roster.

This update makes it easy for boarding students and their families to stay up-to-date with all of the important information connected to the residential experience.

The improvements don’t stop there.

For administrators, there’s a new Dorm setup task that makes it easier than ever to assign students to rooms. When it comes time to add students to rooms, a status update indicates room availability.

Interested in learning more about how Dorm Groups can benefit your school? Leave us a comment. We’re happy to help!

About the Author

Jackie Christensen

As a Senior Product Manager, Jackie Christensen has been a member of Blackbaud K-12's product development team since the inception of the ON products. In fact, she was on site with the first school to launch onCampus and onRecord. She has loved the journey of working with schools and our UX and technical team to bring ideas to life with each release iteration. Jackie lives in NH with her husband Mark and 3 boys. Depending on the season, you’ll either find them at the lake or skiing.

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