Attendance — You’ve got choices! [Customer Support]

July 9, 2015 Beth Charland

You asked, and we heard! Schools were looking for more control regarding recording attendance. In the past, if all classes had attendance enabled and a student had 6 classes where each teacher recorded an absence, then the total for absences for that day would be 6. Attendance totals in turn would look at this total count of 6 versus 1 daily absence and display 6 as the absence count. Students and parents reviewing report cards or the Academic Profile were confused by the counts.

The onRecord team introduced a solution. Attendance Managers can now use the new Record Method task to determine whether attendance is recorded per period or daily.

An Attendance Manager can access the new task through onRecord > Settings > Attendance > Record Method.


Schools can also decide per school level which Record Method they wish to use.


If the school selects Daily, they can choose whether it’s recorded from a specific Group Type or a Meeting Time.


If Meeting Time is selected, a school can choose which Schedule Set and Meeting Time to use.


The new feature does not stop teachers from recording attendance for other classes. This allows teachers to keep track of their students.

Attendance Managers through onRecord > Procedures > Student Attendance can view which Course absences are included in Absence counts. To the right of the Course title is a red arrow that indicates the class that denotes Attendance of Record.


For more information on setting the Record Method, please take a look at this article which includes a video:

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