Connect Raiser’s Edge: Now maintain information after records are linked

September 8, 2015 Julia Wilson

This evening, September 8, 2015, we will release a new version of Connect Raiser’s Edge that incorporates recent customer feedback to preserve critical data in Raiser’s Edge.  With the latest version, school’s will now be able to maintain all of their business and education information after records are linked and updated.

Prior to this release, the integration did not preserve historical business or education information.  When records were linked and then processed, business and education information that was in Raiser’s Edge but not in Core was deleted. Now, with the update, any records that are linked after the update occurs will maintain their previous business and education relationships in Raiser’s Edge.

To take advantage of these new changes, log into Raiser’s Edge on Wednesday morning.  Click on Connect Raiser’s Edge and a new version will download.  You’ll need to restart Raiser’s Edge after the update downloads to have the new changes take effect.

Also in this release, we’ve updated the language throughout the integration to remove references to WhippleHill.  They have been replaced with “on” product language instead.

We look forward to sharing more enhancements with you later this month.  For instance, we are planning to update the entire process for how records get matched and linked in the integration. Currently, all of your Core records must be matched to records in Raiser’s Edge before any changes can process.  The changes we are making will allow schools to link a handful of records at time and those changes will process.  In other words, you no longer have to link all of your records before changes will process in Raiser’s Edge.

Once we have more information around timing of the next changes, we will be sure to let you all know.

If you have suggestions for Connect Raiser’s Edge that you would like to see incorporated, please add them to our Ideas portal in the new K-12 Community.

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