Getting Started with Medical [Customer Support]

July 30, 2015 Carlin Cole

On July 29th the new Medical features were released to all schools with the full edition of onRecord. When you use the “on” products to track medical information for students, you make it easier for students, parents, and faculty to communicate vital information.


Before your school can track medical information, you’ll need to set up a few things.


  1. Create a nurse
  • A platform manager should create a userfor the school nurse. Indicate that the user is an employee, and be sure to assign this user the “nurse” employee role.


  1. Ensure the nurse can locate students
  • The nurse needs access to the schedule in order to use Find Me Now to locate students from the Nurse’s Office. A schedule manager can enter access dates to all Schedule Sets



  1. Set up the Nurse’s Office
  • The nurse uses the Nurse’s Office to quickly manage medical information for students. As the nurse, you’ll need to set up your virtual office.
  • For more information see Get Started with Medical.


  1. Import student medical data in bulk


  1. Enable medical for parents
  • By default, the medical task is disabled for parents. However, a platform manager can enable it, if your school wants parents to view or enter medical information online.
  • For more information see Get Started with Medical.


Note: When parents enter medical data, they select the security roles which they want to see the information. In addition to the default roles, any roles that are clones of the defaults appear as options under “Who needs to see this?”

Tip: Want to prompt parents to update student medical information? Use a Medical School Form.


Security, HIPAA & FERPA

Security roles determine what users can see and do in the “on” products. However, the nurse must ensure that his/her password is kept secret and that unauthorized individuals do not peek at the screen when medical information is shown.

Because medical information must remain HIPAA or FERPA compliant, only authorized users can view a student’s specific medical information. If another user attempts to impersonate an authorized user, sensitive information will not appear on the impersonator’s screen.

Please review the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) for details about how to handle medical information and patient privacy.

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