Grade Averages: That’s how they got it! [Customer Support]

May 7, 2015 Beth Charland

It’s that time of year again!  Amongst the one hundred weekly things to do is a project to get transcripts ready for students. Part of that project is to spot check the Grade Point Averages (GPA’s) and make sure the calculations are correct.

In the past, schools would submit their hand calculations to Support and then we would supply a breakdown of how the GPA was calculated for comparison to help troubleshoot. It was so time consuming!

Last year we added a fabulous new time-saving feature for Grading Managers. This new feature allows Grading Managers to click on the name of the grade average and access how the system calculated the grade average, showing the breakdown. This allows the Grading Manager to compare the hand calculations to the breakdown to see where the differences are located. The Grading Manager can also choose to see a few other variations on the calculation.

A Grading Manager can access this new feature two different ways: The first one is through onRecord > Dashboard > Find Me Now.  If the student is taking a class that day you will find the student and through the Academic Profile access the grade average breakdown.

If a student is not in class that day, the Grading Manager has another option: onRecord > People Finder. Once you have looked up the student, on the right hand side you will see a list of grade averages. Just click on the name of the grade average to see the breakdown. It’s that easy!



For example if we click on Transcript GPA the default displays the current Year GPA for the Grade Average called Transcript GPA. On the screen we also see the formula that is used to achieve the breakdown.


If you would like to see a cumulative GPA, term GPA for this year or a term GPA for a previous year click on Edit Display and choose the breakdown you wish to display then click on Apply.


The system takes into account the new adjustments and displays the updated grade average breakdown instantly.


The grade average name as well as the grade average formula can be adjusted by going to onRecord > Settings > Grading > Grade Averages.


Before making changes to the Description or Formula be aware if the Grade Average is currently being used on a Report Card, Transcript, Academic Performance or Grade Analysis. Changes to a description or formula will be applied to all areas where the GPA is being used currently.

The Description will display in Report Card Builder, Transcript Builder, Academic Performance and in Grade Analysis.

The Formula is used by the system to calculate the grade average and is displayed only to a Grading Manager.

To find definitions for other parts of the Grade Average formula, please check out this article in the Knowledgebase called Grade Point Average (GPA) Formula Definitions.

Some other challenges that happen when troubleshooting Grade Averages are: grades not selected to be included in the GPA, courses not marked as excluded, and students missing grades.

Each year the school must go to onRecord > Settings > Grading  > Grade Averages and click edit across from the Grade Averages. On the left-hand side click on Grades, and for the current school year click edit across from the School level to see if grades are selected to be included for both multi-term and single-term courses. Many times the single-term grade or multi-term grade is not selected hence it is not included in the breakdown.

Also, when you edit into a Grade Average, you will see a link on the left for Excluded Courses. Check to make sure that courses that should not be included in the GPA are checked off here. If the course is not listed then it will not be a part of the GPA.

Last but not least, when reviewing the grade average breakdown and a course grade is not appearing for a student, as a Grading Manager you can go to onRecord > Procedures > Grading > Manage Grades and look up the student to see if a Grade was recorded through Grades & Credits.

Have some tips of your own? Share them in the comments below!

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