Idea to Feature: Introducing Multi-Browser Logins

December 19, 2013 Peter Baron

It’s not at all uncommon for our products to be used on a range of devices at the same time.

Take this example — a teacher’s in the classroom using a laptop to project a topic on a screen while at the same time displaying another topic on a tablet as they offer individual instruction.

This is a great teaching approach, but one made more challenging by our past support of a single logged in session.

When logged in to a second browser, your original session would end requiring you to stop what you’re doing and re-type the password, which caused a disruption in the flow of the classroom. Frustrating.

With our December 2013 release, this is no longer an issue.

Now, across all of our ‘on’ products, we’re supporting multi-browser logins, and in today’s Idea to Feature, Janet Wittenberg, Product Owner for onMessage, shares the details.

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