Idea to Feature: You Asked, We Listened: New, More Flexible Topics!

August 1, 2013 Peter Baron

In the short time since we launched onCampus, teachers have posted more than 4000 Topics to the new LMS. That’s a lot of learning resources!

We’ve made a point to ask teachers how they’re using Topics, as well as how we can make the feature even better. In terms of improvements, the theme of flexibility emerged — teachers are looking for more options for presenting their content on the Topics detail page.

Terrific input!

We were able to take this specific idea and make Topics even better by providing more flexibility for layouts.

Bringing More Flexibility to Topics!

In this week’s Idea to Feature, Jackie Christensen, Product Owner for onCampus, shares how the July 31st release introduced a variety of Topics detail page layout options for teachers.

Now, when you go to add or edit a Topic, you can select from six different layouts. Once you’ve selected the layout that you want to use, you’ll easily be able to arrange how your materials appear on the editor screen using drag & drop.

As Jackie said, you’ll be able “to get all of that content arranged exactly the way you want it.”

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