Join the Support Scavenger Hunt at the UC! [Customer Support]

July 2, 2015 Todd DeSchuiteneer

“…and so it was decreed, that each year the private schools of Blackbaud K–12 shall offer up a tribute from each school to be trained in the art of scavenging, and to be prepared to fight for fabulous prizes!” 

Once a year the Districts of Blackbaud K–12 come together to share in knowledge and user stories throughout the land. This year is different. Representatives from each school are asked to send forth volunteers (after lunch of course) to participate in the first annual Scavenge Games. You’re tributes will engage in intense puzzles of the mind in order to gain prizes the capital sees fit.

The games will begin on July 8 directly proceeding lunch and will conclude at the end of conference day. Any attendee may participate!”

—The MockingTodd

This year Support wants you to get MORE prizes! Come join our Support Scavenger Hunt and test your knowledge and wits!

The Hunt will begin on the first day of the conference, Wednesday July 8 just after the keynote speaker and following lunch. We’ll be ready at the exits with clue sheets waiting for tributes! You’ll have until 5 p.m. that day to complete the hunt and be eligible for a prize. Follow the sheet, hunt down the answers with the clues given and turn them into Sam or Todd in the support center, and you will be greatly rewarded.

The first to complete the hunt with all the correct answers will win the grand prize, followed by the runner-up prize. Any clue sheet handed in with all the correct answers after the grand prize and runner up prizes are claimed will be eligible for the Scavenger Games Lottery!

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