Managing the Calendar [Customer Support]

August 27, 2015 Carlin Cole

With meetings on top of meetings and projects running 100 different directions, many of us live and die by our calendars.  It’s an absolutely essential tool for both our productivity and our sanity!  This summer’s redesign of the calendar brings a different look and feel to this tool within the On Products to simplify the experience and make it easier to use.  Let’s take a look at how the new calendar works.

The new calendar is broken into two sections:

  1. School Created Calendars: These are based on event categories that you create which includes the School Athletics calendar. If these were public on the Podium front end (calendar Master page), access is automatically granted to ‘All School’.  Platform Managers can add, edit and delete calendars.
  2. Persona Generated Calendars: These are based on an individual’s persona and will reflect the classes, teams, and groups to which that individual belongs. Parents will see their children’s classes, teams, and groups here as well.

School created calendars can be managed from Core > Settings > Manage Calendars

  1. To create a new Calendar, click Add Calendar.

Platform Managers can also delete any existing calendars by pressing the red “X” icon.  The School Athletics Calendar cannot be deleted but it can be made inactive.

  1. Individual Calendar settings can be modified by pressing the Edit button, which opens up a number of new tabs.
  • General
    • The Calendar Name must be unique, unlike the old calendar experience.
    • Custom event colors can be selected using the preset options or custom color picker.
    • Calendar status can also be set here, but defaults to “Active”.
  • Filter – This is where specific event categories can be selected to appear on the Calendar.
    • The “Add Filters” button opens a list of existing onMessage Event Categories.
    • Each event category has a public or secure indicator which shows what roles have access to that category. iCal Feed Event Categories will also display the last refreshed date.
    • New Event Categories can be created on the fly by clicking Add Filters > New Category.
  • Access – The Platform Manager can use this tab to select the roles that will have access to this calendar.
    • Roles are organized by Persona and product.
    • The public option has been removed. Instead the “All School” role should be used. This option is listed under “Uncategorized” from the Add Access button.
    • If a secure Event Category is selected in the Filter tab, the roles that event is secured to must be given access to the Calendar here in order for users to see the calendar events.

Unlike the School Created Calendar, the Persona Generated Calendars require less configuration by the Platform Manager hence the limited options. When clicking on the Edit button, only the Calendar color and status are available to be updated.


Once the calendars are setup they will be ready for use by your users.  The calendar will show different items depending on the persona of the user accessing the calendar.  For more information on the different persona views of the calendar, please visit our help topic on using the calendar.

Sometimes events may show more than once on a calendar view if the user and one of their children are both affected by the event. If an event exists on both the user’s ‘My’ calendar and the school-wide calendar, the event will only show once with the color of the first calendar that appears on the list of calendars.

Similarly, if an event appears on more than one school-wide calendar, it will appear for a user only once with the color of the first calendar in the list. As calendars are selected and deselected, the color of the event may change to match the specific calendar.

If you’re curious about how other schools are using the new calendar, check out the K-12 Private School Community to chat with other users.  Also, if you have questions check out the Help Files and Knowledgebase!



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