onBoard: The one stop shop for parents

March 10, 2016 Mark Christensen

It’s a big decision a family makes when selecting an independent school. They’re not only choosing an education for their children, but they’re making a financial decision.

The more a family feels a connection, understands the process, buys into the school community and mission, the better chance they will be a good fit in your school and stay until graduation. Providing families with the VIP treatment can ensure they make the right choice.

Priscilla Lund, Director of Enrollment Management and Financial Aid at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School, Austin, TX, shared how to keep prospective families connected during the application process using onBoard, Blackbaud’s enrollment management system.

Watch the video below and learn a bit more from Priscilla’s experience.


onBoard helps the St. Andrew’s admissions office provide excellent customer service to prospective parents right from the start. Parents and students begin the application process online by entering their information, uploading recommendation forms, and responding to student essay questions. Priscilla’s comment on connecting with prospective families in a new and efficient way clearly articulates the power of the parent experience. “It’s really one-stop shopping for parents and very user-friendly”.

The ability to consolidate the lower, middle, and upper school admissions process keeps candidate records all in one place. That puts Priscilla and her team in a good spot, especially when families are applying to different school divisions. Priscilla’s team knows right away and can respond quickly and appropriately to that family.

Using onBoard’s checklist, parents can easily see what steps have been completed in the process or what steps are missing. They can access it anytime, even from their mobile devices, and know their recommendation letter has been received. As Priscilla shared, “Parents don’t have to worry about calling us, and we don’t have to worry about calling them.” The onBoard checklist for parents keeps everyone in the loop.

For families, becoming familiar with the user experience during the application process with onBoard provides a smooth transition from candidate to enrolled status. After the acceptance letter, when it comes time to check assignments (onCampus), review grades (onRecord), and plan for that special school event (onMessage) parents will already be familiar with the system!

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Mark Christensen has worked in K-12 in various roles throughout his career from classroom teacher to school administrator to marketing communications. He works as the Marketing Manager for Blackbaud's K12 Group. He holds his MBA in Marketing from Rivier College and his Ed.D. in Curriculum & Technology from Plymouth State University/Argosy.

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onBoard: The one stop shop for parents

Priscilla Lund, Director of Enrollment Management and Financial Aid at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School, Austi...

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