Promote, Repeat and Withdraw Students [Customer Support]

May 28, 2015 Carlin Cole

Every year there are some common user management tasks that need to be done to close the current year to get everything ready for the next.  For students, we need to run through the process to promote, repeat or withdraw students to get our data ready to go for 2015 – 2016.  Platform Managers can promote, repeat and withdraw students as part of the annual procedures. These processes can be completed in bulk using the Manage Student Enrollments task with the following steps:

 If you are integrated with Senior Systems, Veracross or PCR, you must complete these processes on those databases before completing the following. Otherwise your data will not be accurate and extensive data clean-up will be required.


To promote, repeat and withdraw students:

  1. From the persona menu, select Core.
  2. Click Profile under Users/Access.
  3. Click Manage Student Enrollment.
  4. Select the appropriate School Year from the drop down list.
  5. Click the Promote link for the appropriate class.
  6. Step 1: Choose Students
    1. Select one of the following for each student, or click Check All if the selection pertains to all of the listed students:
      • Promote: Select this option if the student is moving ahead to the next grade level.
      • Repeat: Select this option if the student is repeating the grade.
      • Withdraw: Select this option if the student is withdrawing.
      • No Change: Select this option if the student’s status should not change.
  1. Click Next.
  2. Step 2: Students to Promote
    1. Verify the student(s) you selected to promote.
    2. Select the grade level to which the students will be promoted.
  1. Click Next.
  2. Step 3: Students to Repeat
    1. Verify the student(s) you selected to repeat the grade.
  1. Click Next.
  2. Step 4: Students to Withdraw
    1. Enter a depart date for the students.
    2. Select Immediately to withdraw the students upon saving. Or select Effective (and enter a date and time) to withdraw the students in the future.
    3. From the Role dropdown, select if the students should be moved to the Past Student role or to the Alumni role.
       If you move the user to the Alumni role, they will have the same access and rights that all other alumni do.
    4. Select Remove Access if the students should no longer be able to log in.
    5. Select Graduate with Class if the students should graduate with their class in the future.
       Use the Default row to apply the information to all students.


  1. Click Next.
  2. Step 5Review
    1. Verify the information from Steps 1-4.
  1. Click Save & Exit.
  2. Repeat for each grade level.
 For withdrawn students, parents will automatically be moved to the Parent of Past Student role or the Parent of Alumni role. However, their login access will not be removed, even if the student’s access is removed.


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