Putting a Face to the Name: Adding Applicant Photos to onBoard

May 30, 2013 Peter Baron

The intensity of an admission office is familiar to anyone who’s worked at an independent school. With so many interviews and tours, an admission officer can come into contact with numerous families just in the course of one day.

Now multiply that for every day of an admission season — that’s a lot of faces that need to be connected to names in your application files.

How can you keep it all straight? A photo is one place to start.

It may sound like a simple solution, but being able to associate a face with a name early on in the admission process can help make you feel more comfortable and enhance your ability to build better, stronger relationships with prospective families.

The simple but profound act of being able to recognize and greet someone by name, even before being formally introduced, can go a long way. What do they say about first impressions?

Brenda Noiseux, Product Owner for onBoard, our new Enrollment Management System, has heard this sentiment over and over again during her many visits to admission offices. Admission officers want to move beyond the labor-intensive and somewhat awkward process of taking applicant photos during school visits and uploading them to the admission database.

It would be better for everyone if families were able to manage this step on their own, early on in the admission process.

In the video above, Brenda explains how she and her team took this feedback and worked to make uploading photos in onBoard not only possible for families, but really simple as well.

Once a prospective student or family member uploads their photo to onBoard, that photo gets displayed in multiple locations. For instance, it’s prominently positioned on both the candidate detail record and the visit calendar.

This feature can help you jumpstart the important process of building connections with prospective students and their families.

About the Author

Peter Baron

Peter Baron is the Chief Member Relations Officer at the Enrollment Management Association. Prior to joining EMA, Peter served as a senior product marketing manager, for Blackbaud K-12. Peter is the founder of edSocialMedia, a community-driven site dedicated to exploring the role of social media in education. He regularly contributes to various online communities and education conferences like NAIS, CASE/NAIS & SSATB to explain the importance of providing modern, user-friendly experiences for school constituents. Peter also serves as a trustee for Wolfeboro, The Summer Boarding School and is an Executive Committee member of TABS’ North American Boarding School Initiative.

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