Re-Enrollment / Contract Season: Get Ready!

December 16, 2015 Jake Spirek

Contract season is upon us. What can be done now to get ready for it? We will go through a few best practices that will allow you to do most of the setup work ahead of time to save you a lot of time when it matters most.

Step One: Copy contract from last year or create a new one

Settings > Contract Forms

Click to Add Contract to add a new contract form for the new school year.
If you are creating a new contract type that has not been used before you will want to use the Add Type option.

add contract
Keep the contract inactive so that it will not yet be visible to parents.

Edit the contract to make sure it has all the new updated information for the new school year. Key areas to check are the Deposit and Tuition since those may change from year to year. There may be other spots that need to be updated as well.


Step Two: Assign contract types to candidates/students

Process > Manage Contracts

Click Next

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Change the School Year dropdown to the desired school year for the next contract. In this example, we will be issuing contracts for the 2016-2017 school year.

Click Next

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Click Search filters to filter on the group of candidates that needs the contracts added. You can look for candidates that have a specific Entering Year, candidates that had a specific type of contract previously or any combination of Role, Entering Year, Entering Grade, or Contract Type.

Click to Search and add the records to the Added Users window.
Click Next.

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Add the new Contract Type, Amount Due and Date Send. Click Save and Exit to add the contracts to the records. The Default settings can be set to add the setting to the entire list in bulk.


Step Three: Assign Holds/Not Returning

After the contracts have been assigned you can add holds or mark the students as Not Returning. Once the records have been updated you will be able to toggle the contract to Active and only the candidates not on hold and not marked not returning will see the form.

not returning


Step Four: Review the parental relationships for candidates

In Reports > Click Run next to Contract View Access report


report filters

This report will show you the list of parents that will be prompted for contracts. Reviewing this report now will allow you to make any relationship changes needed so that once the contract is live, all parents will have the access they need.



The four steps listed above should give you a good head start on contract season. Most of the work can be done ahead of time and you can mark the contract active to publish it to parents. The parents will now be prompted to fill out the contract and you can start processing as they come in.

Keep an eye out for new embedded help that will be added to contacts and other areas of the software in the coming weeks. Context sensitive help will be available to assist with specific questions right from the section itself.

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