School Calendar in the Palm of Your Hand

November 19, 2015 Mark Christensen

The school year is a busy time for everyone. Teachers have committee meetings, coaches have practices, administrators have events, and students have class assignments to keep track of. And of course, your parents are on the go and want to stay on top of it all!

With all these demands on our time, having access to a school calendar that is mobile friendly and personalized can make the difference in staying organized.

I recently caught up with Matthew Lipstein, Director of Technology at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School located in Austin, Texas. He shared a few insights into the power of Calendar, just one of the many universal features provided in all of Blackbaud’s “ON” products.

Take a minute to watch the video below and learn a bit more from Matt’s experience in using the Calendar feature.


The Calendar feature is one of the best places to get a full picture of everything that is going on at your school. Having access to your school calendar on any device comes in handy when you’re out and about, and you need to check if your afternoon meeting is still happening. Or if you can’t remember where the meeting is. What resonated with me, was Matt’s comment on the mobile accessibility. As he sees it, “You can really have your schedule wherever you are.”

The ability to see an overlap of all the different school events reduces scheduling conflicts. Administrators, teachers, and coaches can consider other school events already scheduled on the calendar when they go to add a new event. Ensuring the people you want to see and attend your event know it’s happening.

Plus, the ability to filter for what matters to you makes your calendar more in tune with the many roles you may play at the school. Having a personalized school calendar allows you to focus on the moments in your busy schedule that only need your attention. Students and parents benefit too. By clicking on an event, links appear to allow users to drill down for full event details – such as directions for an athletic game, or a link to Register Now for a public event. A true bonus.

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