Student Access to Google Drive – Idea to Feature

April 15, 2015 Peter Baron

The onCampus team has given extra attention this year to online assignment submission, feedback and passback – it’s an important part of teacher/student workflow. The work they’re doing is adding efficiency and organization to their day to day.

This past fall we opened up an EAP for a browser based assignment viewer and annotator.  In February, we built on this momentum by adding the ability for students to submit work directly from their Google Drive accounts.

All Full Edition onCampus schools will enjoy these features after the July 1st release.

Jackie Christensen, Senior Product Manager for onCampus, shares a preview of what’s to come.

When a student goes to attach a file (or files) to an Assignment, a new button to access Google Drive will display. Click it, and the student can authenticate right into their account.

Once there, any file that lives in Drive can be posted to the Assignment — share a doc, a spreadsheet, a presentation, it’s up to the user.

Attach the file and the student will see a blue “Share” button that they can click to confirm that their teacher has access rights.

The teacher will be able to see all of the submitted files for the Assignment organized by Student right on the onCampus Assignment Detail Page. All the collaboration features native to Google Drive are just one click away.

Now Teachers can spend more time providing quality feedback and less time hunting for homework submissions.

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Peter Baron

Peter Baron is the Chief Member Relations Officer at the Enrollment Management Association. Prior to joining EMA, Peter served as a senior product marketing manager, for Blackbaud K-12. Peter is the founder of edSocialMedia, a community-driven site dedicated to exploring the role of social media in education. He regularly contributes to various online communities and education conferences like NAIS, CASE/NAIS & SSATB to explain the importance of providing modern, user-friendly experiences for school constituents. Peter also serves as a trustee for Wolfeboro, The Summer Boarding School and is an Executive Committee member of TABS’ North American Boarding School Initiative.

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