Up-to-the-minute Back To School Essentials!

December 3, 2015 Tabitha Grady

Now that Back-To-School is in full swing, it's important to make sure your school’s site content is up to date. This means getting your news, announcements, events, photos, (and more!) all current with the latest and greatest for your constituents. Make sure your current users have access to the information and resources they need behind the password, as well as updating up your front end website content for all visitors- current and potential families!

For your current users - you’ll want to check areas such as your Recent Activity StreamFeatured Content, and Resource Boards to make sure your staff, students, and their families have everything they need to get off to a great start this year. As your constituents begin to log in this school year, these areas will give them quick access to important and exciting information. It’s important to keep your constituents informed about school events, as well as welcome potential applicants to visit your site - and your school!


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Tabitha Grady

Product Support Lead for Blackbaud's K-12 Private School Group.

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